Atelier and Equipment

Studio photography

portrait, fashion, and advertising photography, books and photo tests for models, lifestyle and photos of celebrities, product photos, glass, design, food, ...

Technical equipment of a studio

Lighting system Bowens and Elinchrom (3200 Ws together)
Large size camera (4x5 inch, 9x12cm): Sinar F1
Medium size: Mamiya RB ProS (6x8, 6x7 a 6x4,5 cm),
35mm: Nikon F3, F4,
Digital camera: Nikon D800 (36 Mpx)

The background of different colors

Make-up and styling room, a possibility of a visagiste and stylist, food stylist

Address of studio: FOTOATELIER, Žitná 32, 120 00 Praha 2, Tel: +420 607 906 940